we ride together, we die together

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It’s one thing wanting to interact with my characters. That’s fuckin’ awesome. Let’s do it.

But when I see an almost demanding tone in order to force interaction between my and your characters, that’s another thing…

And especially when I see this:

First post is also the first art I did for this site :P. I did this for trying to help one of her characters out of a funk. And maybe to get my character and art in her amassing story (Let’s just keep that part between us, K?) The top picture is just a reference to draw off later, the lower picture is my character collapsing in front of Jacob. Here is to hoping she uses it.

Welcome to the community. But this is not a way to start out.

I don’t like my characters being used as a springboard. I like my characters to have genuine interactions that aren’t being pushed onto me because you ultimately want something out of it.

And the fact that you can’t bring that to my attention directly, is even worse. That means that you’re more than aware of what you’re doing. It’d be different if you weren’t sure how to get going and that was just a test at trying to reach out to someone. I could forgive that. But saying to “keep that part between us” is enough to know that you are very much conscious of what you’re doing.

Don’t do it to me, don’t do it to anybody. It’s something that can be easily frowned on, and I’d like for you and your character to be taken seriously without something like this to completely bar you from any interaction moving forward.

To that person, if they follow this blog, I’m not using the submission, they will not be getting an interaction with Jacob, and understand that I’m not quite putting you on blast. I’m just letting you know that I’m aware, and that you should probably think of approaching others differently next time.

[[ This isn’t the first interaction starter that I’ve gotten that either had the tone of voice mentioned or the main reason for the interaction. So it might be important to reblog this here, too. ]]

[[Snippet during Zion’s brief visit to Dzilis]]

[[Snippet during Zion’s brief visit to Dzilis]]








{Zion}: I think that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you so much, Nilla! You’ve been such a sweet friend to me. 

{Zion}: I’ve also noticed if she’s been grazing as a cow and then changes to her human form, her stomach will still give her a hard time about it. 

She’s very stubborn about not eating coarse plants whenever she’s in her human form, so I’ve been trying to give her boiled greens as an alternative. It works, sometimes.

Thank you Miss Doodler! :D Just one other thing I noticed too and forgot to say.. the blog icon! :o

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So anyway do you and Neighbro still have any chemistry or are you two like mad at each other or something?

[[ A’ight, look guys. 

If you don’t know your doodler, I’m a sucker for ships. Like wow, you can’t get me to stop going on about them, canon and non-canon. If you ever want to talk ships with me personally, my sketchblog and my personal blogs are there for you to send me things about them.

But Zion, more than once, even her sister when she was alive, made it perfectly clear that they don’t like to be hounded repetitively about their relationships—or lack thereof—with others. It gets old really fast. The occasional question here and there is nice, but when they get back-to-back questions about different ships and relationships and what to do/what not to do, etc., that’s not so welcome.

tl;dr Doodler is down to clown to talk about ships with, not so much Zion. 

Thanks! :D ]]

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{Zion}: Women in Dzilis were wives and mothers first, and their jobs came second, if that. 

With that in mind, once girls came of age, they were ushered very heavily to find the proper person to be with. And by heavily, I mean it became such a concern to the point where every small movement a young lady made would mean the absolute world towards their future, leaving no room to breathe. 

But once that was done, the newly-wedded women were left to make their own successes in their occupational fields. Not nearly as much help with that in comparison.

Since I have met Jake, and for ages after meeting Ranwë, I have received messages like these on a very frequent basis. I’ve been ignoring the majority of them, because I have quite a lot of things to do around the farm, and answering these questions over and over again would tire me ten times faster than hauling hay bales.

I have more things to do than to continuously dote on and bother others that clearly have their own lives to live as well. When I do get the time or courage or go-ahead to send a message to who I choose, I will, on my own volition.


Spruce:- There be a recent one floatin’ around.
Them officials came ta th’ village yesterday an’ put up Wanted posters ‘round the place! Th’ man they’re lookin’ fer’s said ta have wiped out ev’ryun in an entire city!
But that be years ago and I gots ta say, that lad’s got s’me fine hair on his chin then. There’s one o’ them papers o’er on that wall there if ye want ta see it.

*She nods to a bulletin board hanging on the wall behind you. It’s stuck with many, many papers tacked onto its surface. Four-year old news, selfies taken in the tavern, and others that are too far away to see clearly from where you are.*

Samhe was known in their hometown for paying close attention to the latest news and gossip, This, of course, was no exception. And with news this dire, it’d be wise to get a good look at the man in question in case the same person happened upon their desert home.