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Enjoy it while it lasts~

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{Zion}: It’s always been difficult surviving here. But it’s something you can get used to…

{Zion}: So until I can remember the way back and gather enough supplies to make a successful trip that way, Caleb’s shrine will have to do.

{Zion}: Since Caleb’s presence seems…upset, I put up that shrine as a way to pacify and calm her. But I try not to go inside or open the door in case that disrupts her from being at peace.

There’s another way for me to calm her completely, but until I can gather enough resources, I won’t be able to do that for a long time.

{Zion}: A little more goes into it, but you get the drift. It just takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get all my crops to grow well.

{Zion}: I’ve been having a dream lately that deals a lot with growing trees and…something else. Insects, I think.

I’ll have to try and go back and figure it all out. But once I do, I could offer some interesting things to anyone who wants new kinds of lumber! 

(Thanks for the thought, by the way! I never even considered trading saplings with others! :D )


[[Also thanks so much for the asks!! <3333 ]]

[[And the characters will thank you for it, I’m sure.

So now that the air’s been cleared of this old “is your blog dead” question, feel free to send asks at will. Unless I avidly state otherwise, this blog will remain open and ready for questions. 

Thanks, guys!]]

{Zion}: I still love her to death, though.

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